Bamboo fiber products

On Monday, when I announced the arrival of a new brand of organic and ecological bamboo tableware for babies and young children, I received an email from the Fresk brand telling me that it was now forbidden to sell products of this type.

Following your numerous reactions and requests for information, I have decided to explain the problem to you in a little more detail.

Under a recent change in EU legislation, the combination of bamboo and melamine for products that come into contact with food is now banned.

The composition of bamboo tableware

So-called bamboo tableware is not actually 100% bamboo. It most often contains melamine (a type of plastic).

What are the risks?

I am far from being an expert but I have read a lot of articles since I learned the news and in particular found an article on the site of the AFSCA (the federal agency for the safety of the food chain ). He explains that following a recent study on this type of tableware, it emerged that that made of bamboo fibers is not stable. Indeed, migrations can take place, under the action of heat or in an acid medium, of the materials towards the food or the drink.

The FASFC concludes that “objects made of bamboo fibers that are supposed to be natural, organic, are not because they also contain polymers such as melamine”.

Who is affected ?

As you can imagine almost all brands using bamboo fiber are affected because it is a common practice to use this polymer.

Bamboo or bamboo fiber?

The FASFC explains that a visual distinction can easily be made between a bamboo product and a product made from a mixture of bamboo fibers and melamine. The bamboo fiber product is similar to plastic, it is no longer possible to distinguish the structure of wood.

What we think about it at My Little Dream

We want the best for our children and yours. This is why we are constantly looking for organic, natural, sustainable and ecological products that respect their health.

It is important for us to update you as soon as we learn of this type of news and to take action accordingly. We have therefore returned the Cink brand products received on Monday directly to the supplier and removed the affected Fresk products.

For more information, do not hesitate to visit the FASFC page by clicking here .

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